How to Spot True Social Media Talent Amongst the ‘Experts’

These days, it appears almost anyone can declare him or herself an expert at social media content. But falling for the self-promoting hype can be costly to your campaign.”

“The best practitioners understand their limitations and are continually learning, exploring, and experimenting as the social media and technology landscape constantly evolves around them.”

craig daniels‘s insight:

Being adept at Social Media is more of an art than a skill that can be quantified. The Social Media Adept easily moves between social networks with humor and openness to what others have to say. A Social Media Adept is more a practitioner of Zen than a practitioner of logic.

If you are looking to hire someone to manage your businesses social media it’s best to look for someone who moves easily between diverse groups of people, someone who practices the art of openness.

See on contentmarketinginstitute.com


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