Stop Trying to Get Your Blog Posts Shared and Do This Instead

This quick tip may change the way your blog posts are shared on social media and increase your potential reach

craig daniels‘s insight:

I’m being honest when I tell you I don’t understand why people spend so much time doing things that don’t work on social media.

This post shares with us a clearly simple outline on how to engage with others on FB, G+ and Linkedin among others.

Here’s the list at the end of the post that says it all.

Social networks aren’t for blog posts. They’re for bite-size pieces of visual content that contain:

  • Some piece of wisdom that can be conveyed in a short number of words

  • Something people can relate to

  • Something that takes people by surprise

  • Something that will make them laugh

  • Something motivational or inspirational

  • Something cute

Read the rest of it and together let’s engage with others…

See on socialmouths.com


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