Good Ideas Aren’t Good Enough

“A Japanese app on Apple’s App Store called “Don’t Step the White Tile” was recently copied by another developer with an app called “Don’t Tap the White Tile.” Both are free, and are basically the same, yet the knock-off is doing better than the original.”

craig daniels‘s insight:

Bottom line…”pick one thing and be great at it.” At first this surely sounds like nothing but throw-off advice, merely an opening line at some hight priced seminar.

If you think about it for a while you’ll find it is really quite profound. Most of us try to be good at many things and end up missing being great at anything.

When it comes to engaging with your customers the one thing most small businesses are not great at is storytelling and in fact most are not even good at it.

Create content that is great by using storytelling and you automatically best 90% of your competition.

See on matthewwatanabe.blogspot.com


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