Create Magic on Vine in 6 Seconds

The mercurial rise of Vine’s six second video sharing app seems unduly restrictive. Here are some tips into how you can create magic on Vine in 6 seconds!

craig daniels‘s insight:

If many of the estimates are correct over 50% of internet traffic will be video by 2016, now that statistic alone should make every small business owner pause.

Together with the above estimate add that at the same time over 60% of visits to your web properties will be made on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets and you can see how promotion and engagement has already radically changed.

Vine is a great little tool to bridge the gap between traditional media and to create effective standalone marketing engagement.

Joe Cox has given us a well thought out blog post explaining why Vine is important for small business to use regularly for successful engagement with customers.

See on www.jeffbullas.com


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