Can’t Meditate? Try Joyful Resting

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By now I think we’ve got the message. Meditation is good for us and we really should do it. Everyone from Russell Brand to Rupert Murdoch is espousing its benefits.

But do we really need another “should” in our lives? And besides, who’s…

Susan Taylor‘s insight:

You understand the benefits of meditation.  You know you should do it.  But do you really need another “have to” on the list?  And with today’s distractions, who has time?

“Here’s something radical. Don’t meditate. Don’t even try. Give up on it entirely. Let go of the whole meditation schtick.

And for your non-meditating pleasure, try this:  Joyful Resting.

“In joyful resting, we’re not after results. We’re not chasing after anything or any feeling. All we’re doing is resting…You do it because you enjoy it and who doesn’t enjoy resting even for just five minutes?”

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