Meditate Without Sitting Like A Monk

Here are 13 examples endorsing action-oriented meditation for most Americans.


To fully renew an organization involves fully renewing its people.  And this means adapting a discipline for contemplative practice — like meditation.  But after sitting in an office all day, who wants to sit to meditate?

Turns out that sitting meditation only works for about 20% of people.  This means that “8 in 10 of today’s busy folks are more suited to action”.

If you want the benefits of meditation — “stress reduction, physical health, increased energy, higher productivity and success on the bottom line” — then take action.  Here’s how:

  1. Focus on what you’re doing in the moment — nothing else
  2. Remember that anything you are doing can become a meditation — anything
  3. Trust yourself — the results are within.  You will know what works — the best way for you
  4. Keep it simple.  You can meditate — simply and naturally — doing it your way


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