Mindfulness for Effective Leadership

Your second quarter is coming to an end and your sales team isn’t closing the number of deals it had forecast. As expenses outweigh the current cash flow, your CEO is forced to prune the organization and puts the pressure on you to perform. You take a stand and demand immediate compliance from your team, …


In recent years, mindfulness has become more accepted in business — especially when it comes to leadership.  As a senior executive, you must model the behavior that you expect from the people in your organization. “Empathy, conflict management, influence and self-awareness [have become] essential leadership skills in a highly-connected organization”.

To create positive change, the journey begins within.  The turbulent waters of today’s business environment requires the ability to steer your ship in a way that is “steady in the face of adversity, maintaining your leadership rudder amidst difficult decisions.”  By practicing mindfulness over time, you cultivate your “inner resources and lead in a more grounded, caring, deliberate way.”


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