The Fine Art of Shutting Up

One of the key lessons that every salesperson learns is when to stop talking. The reason I bring this up in a dental blog is because, in case you hadn’t noticed, successful dentistry involves effec…


Keeping your mouth shut is a rare art.  And while this blog is geared towards dental practice marketing, as I read it, I couldn’t help but think about Dialogue.

Linking the article to the principles of Dialogue, there are some extremely good points that are made:

  • If you are not talking, you allow for silence.
  • When you allow for silence, you create a space to listen.
  • If you are not thinking about what you’re going to say next, you are listening to fully understand.
  • When you are not planning what you will say next, you are being fully present.
  • If you are fully present, you can pay attention to your own assumptions.
  • When you pay attention to your own assumptions, you can be less judgmental.


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